Vanish Post Adoption Training

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Tuesday, 03 December 2013

Wednesday, 04 December 2013

09:00 17:00
Frankston International Best Western 389 Nepean Highway
Frankston, 3199

Vanish Post Adoption Training

Looking through the 'lens of adoption' in working with loss and trauma.

Adoption has life long consequences, which have frequently been ignored or dismissed by some professionals in the past. Individuals may present with a broad range of presenting difficulties, including depression and anxiety that may be related to past adoption experiences. Further individuals engaged in support and contact with those who have lost children through adoption will benefit from skilled counselling assistance in preparing for and managing this important event in their lives.

A number of significant recent State and Federal Apologies have acknowledged the impact and significant grief and trauma experienced by mothers, fathers adopted individuals and their extended families as a result of past adoption practices.

Following the Victorian State Government Apology, VANISH Inc. has been funded to develop and deliver across Victoria the one or two day program ‘Looking through the ‘lens of adoption’ in working with loss and trauma.’ The State Governmnt has also for the first time Victoria legislated for mothers and fathers to obtain information about the children they lost through adoption and enabled adopted children (now adults) who may choose to do so to put in place a Contact Order to veto contact by their parent/s for up to five years.

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