We want to hear the stories of people in our communities, can you help?

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Population health

Communicating community needs, sharing stories, understanding health behaviour

South Eastern Melbourne PHN funds health services to help people in our catchment.

It’s our job to help make sure that people who need health care the most, get the help they need. Every year, we look at the health needs of the people in our region using hundreds of data sources. Hospitals, GPs, community health, members of the public – they all contribute to this pool of information. This information helps us decide how to fund services for our community.

Not surprisingly, some groups of people have higher needs than others. For example, people with chronic disease or multiple health issues.

To help understand some of the complexities associated with these groups, we are developing ‘personas’.

A persona is a fictional user, based on real-world observations of actual or potential users.

The personas we create will be used by SEMPHN to design better fitting services for people in high need. The personas will be depicted as a series of presentations including audio interviews, quotes, photos (not of people) and/or illustrations to help tell the story of people in our catchment, including how they tend to use and navigate health services.

We need your help to identify and reach out to people to interview, to develop the personas.

Potential participants will be screened via phone call, to determine their suitability to participate.

Participants will:

  • Receive a $200 EFTPOS voucher for their participation in a two-hour interview, at a location they’re comfortable in 
  • Not be identifiable in the final product, if they choose not to be (a video interview is an option, but not essential)
  • Give informed consent, and be able to withdraw their involvement at any time
  • Be appropriately supported, should the interview affect them in any way. This includes having a support person present at the interview if they wish.

You can help by:

  • Reaching out to your contacts with this information
  • Printing and posting the client posters in areas where your clients might see them during June and July.
  • For more information or any suggestions on finding our storytellers please call Kym Westbury on (03) 8514 4478 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are looking for people with specific experiences. Do you know someone like the people below?

Persona 1
  • Female between 25–35 years 
  • Lives in the Shire of Cardinia
  • Stay-at-home mum with a child (or children)
    0-5 years  
  • Struggling with their weight 
  • Has asthma, and previously been hospitalised with asthma 
  • Current or ex-smoker
  • Sometimes uses public transport
  • Might have finished school after grade 10 or 11 
Persona 2
  • Between 75–85 years
  • Lives in the Mornington Peninsula region
  • Lives alone and not in regular contact with family or friends
  • Has been to hospital in the last year or so
  • Possibly, struggles with chronic pain
Persona 3
  • Aged 18–25
  • Living in or around the City of Casey
  • Identifies as LGBTIQ
  • Struggled with an eating disorder
  • Possibly, living without a driver's license 
  • Possibly, not currently working or studying
Persona 4
  • Female, aged 30–40
  • Living in the Mornington Peninsula area
  • Identifies as Aboriginal
  • Living with Type 2 diabetes
  • Possibly, a smoker
Persona 5
  • Male, aged 65–75
  • Living in or around Malvern or Stonnington
  • Working casually or part-time
  • Daily drinker
  • Overweight
  • Struggles with back pain
  • Possibly, doesn't have a driver's license

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