SafeScript – real-time prescription monitoring

SafeScript is a clinical decision support system that allows doctors and pharmacists to access an up-to-the-minute medicines supply history of certain high-risk medicines for their patient at the point of consultation.

The SafeScript system is accompanied by a range of initiatives to support and prepare patients and health professionals for the implementation of SafeScript. This will include:

  • A public awareness campaign to inform the general public of SafeScript and to improve the understanding of the risks associated with some prescription medicines
  • Training for prescribers and pharmacists, on how to more safely prescribe and dispense high-risk medications and respond to the needs of patients.

SafeScript Training Hub

A new 'one-stop' online hub is available for SafeScript. Content for the SafeScript Training Hub includes information about the SafeScript system, training, technical support and an extensive list of references.

SafeScript Training

SEMPHN is hosting six SafeScript training sessions for prescribers and pharmacists. All sessions are scheduled in the evening and will be delivered as follows:

To register your attendance at a SafeScript training session, click on your preferred date/location in the list above or visit our events calendar and click on your preferred session date.

Check our events calendar regularly for updates on SafeScript training, education about managing opioid dependence in primary care, and related topics.  

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a visit from our pharmacotherapy team about managing opioid dependence in general practice and in the pharmacy setting.  More information about this initiative is available here.

Online CPD-accredited training on SafeScript is available here via the SafeScript Training Hub.

DHHS SafeScript Website

For further information on Safescript, including technical support visit DHHS SafeScript website

Support with using SafeScript

Visit the SafeScript Training Hub for access to technical (IT) and non-technical support with using SafeScript. 

SafeScript Portal

The SafeScript system itself can be accessed here by prescribers and pharmacists.  Eventually, the system will also be integrated into most prescribing and dispensing software. 

For further information on Safescript, including technical support, visit the DHHS SafeScript website.

Practice Managers

A document answering practice managers' most frequently asked questions regarding SafeScript is available here

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