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Key reminders for general practice 

Victorian COVID-19 case numbers

Advice for clinicians

COVID-19 vaccine updates

Please click here to access our COVID-19 vaccine page. 

COVID-19 Clinical Guidance and Pathway

Webinar recordings — COVID Positive Patients Pathway:

  1. Alfred Hospital:  Access Passcode: VIY0xuR= 
  2. Monash Hospital: Access Passcode: T#5cH@$x

COVID-19 GP Respiratory Clinics

SEMPHN is working with health services across south eastern Melbourne to provide access to Commonwealth-funded COVID-19 GP Respiratory Clinics. 

COVID-19 GP Respiratory Clinics available in south eastern Melbourne

ClinicAddressContact details

Star Health

Prahran Town Hall, 255A Chapel St, Prahran

Contact: 03 9525 1300

Carrum Downs Medical Centre 113b Hall Road, Carrum Downs 

Contact: 03 9782 6088

Rosebud Skin Cancer Centre 1079 Point Nepean Road, Rosebud Contact: 0436 033 507
Port Melbourne Medical Centre  Shop 1/405 Bay St, Port Melbourne 

Contact: 8686 0500


  • Patients should book ahead for an appointment at the COVID-19 GP Respiratory Clinics. This helps the clinics maintain the standards for physical distancing.
  • Patients do not need a referral from their GP to book an appointment at one of these clinics.
  • Appointments are available on weekends. 
  • Appointments are booked here.

PPE and collaterals information and requests

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) may be requested when a practice, pharmacy or clinic is unable to secure commercial supply for their team and are delivering face to face care. 

Please refer to the Victorian Department of Health (DH) guidance on supply of PPE:

  • PHN distributed PPE for health professionals here
  • Addendum relating to PHN distributed eye protection here
  • Addendum relating to PHN distributed gowns here
  • Cleaning and disinfecting reusable eye protection here.
  • Please utilise in line with current DH guidance found here

Fit testing for P2/N95 masks (respirators)

Self-fit checking for P2/N95 masks (respirators)

The Victorian Department of Health has provided advice on how to correctly check your P2/N95 type mask (respirator) fits correctly. They recommend this is done via regular fit checks:

  1. Put on the P2/N95 type mask so the top rests on your nose and the bottom is secured under your chin.
  2. Place the top strap or ties over the head and positioning it high on the back of the head.
  3. Pull the bottom strap over your head and position it around your neck and below your ears
  4. Place fingertips from both hands at the top of the nosepiece and mould the nose area to the shape of your nose by pushing inward while moving your fingertips down both sides of the nosepiece
  5. Check the negative pressure seal (there should be no valve or filter) of the P2/N95 type mask by covering the mask with both hands or a non-permeable substance (for example, plastic bag) and breathing in sharply. If the P2/N95 mask is not drawn in towards the face, or air leaks around the face seal, readjust the mask and try again, or check for defects
  6. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for fit checking of individual brands and types of P2/N95 respirators.

General Practices and ACCHOs which are NOT testing for COVID-19 

Please use this link: General Practice/ACCHO PPE

  • Level 2 surgical masks to work with at-risk or COVID-19 community members
  • P2/N95 masks are now in stock. PHNs are asked to conserve stocks of P2/N95 respirators as far as possible. They are only required for aerosol-generating procedures. 
  • Goggles (protective eyewear) are currently available. Please request up to 30 depending on the size of your practice. 
  • Gloves (for COVID vaccinating) - Blue Nitrile Powder Free in sizes small,medium and large

General Practices and ACCHOs which are TESTING for COVID-19

Please use this link: COVID-19 testing General Practice/ACCHO

  • Level 2 surgical masks to work with at-risk or COVID-19 community members and for COVID-19 testing.
  • P2/N95 masks. PHNs are asked to conserve stocks of P2/N95 respirators as far as possible. They are only required for COVID testing, aerosol-generating procedures and respiratory assessments. 
  • Goggles (protective eyewear) are currently available. Please request up to 30 depending on the size of your practice. 
  • Gowns are currently available (only to be used when COVID testing)
  • Gloves (for COVID vaccinating or testing) - Blue Nitrile Powder Free in sizes small, medium and large.

Community pharmacies

Please use this link: Pharmacy PPE requests

  • Level 2 surgical masks to work with at-risk or COVID-19 community members (NOT for commercial resale).
  • Goggles (protective eyewear) are currently available. Please request up to 30 depending on the size of your pharmacy

Nurse Practitioner Practices and Allied Health

Please use this link: Nurse Practitioner Allied Health PPE request

  • Level  2 Surgical masks to work with at-risk or COVID-19 community members.
  • Goggles (protective eyewear) are currently available. Please request up to 20 depending on the size of your practice

Residential Aged Care Facilities

Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACF) requiring PPE can request by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Department of Health will give priority where there has been a confirmed case of COVID-19.

NDIS providers

NDIS and disability support providers who are unable to obtain masks can submit a request by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For more detail on how to apply and COVID-19 training see Department of Health advice here

Community services

Organisations in need of face masks to continue providing vital community services, please complete the State Government's request for PPE form online

Access & Referral arrangements during COVID-19

Ways you can refer to SEMPHN services:

  • Telephone: 1800 862 363 (8.30am-4.30pm weekdays)
  • Fax: 1300 354 053
  • Upload: Securely upload a referral form online

Visit our Access and Referral page for more information.

MBS COVID-19 Telehealth items 

Visit for a summary of the changes and a list of item numbers. 

Our telehealth HealthVitalIT article lists the items and requirements (see the COVID-19 section). 

If you're using the bulk-billed MBS telehealth items you can access HealthDirect's VideoCall platform for free via SEMPHN. For more information, see our Telehealth page.

Infection control

Infection Prevention Helpline

Infection Prevention Helpline is available on 1800 312 968 or 03 9956 1046 between 9 am – 5 pm on weekdays

The Helpline provides advice on infection prevention and control to help keep staff and patients safe during COVID-19.

You can access infection prevention and control advice including:

  • Guidance with sterilisation processes
  • Strategies for reducing patient wait-times indoors and reducing inside contact
  • Cleaning tips for high-touch areas and washing of scrubs
  • Improvements in infection control processes
  • Infection prevention and vaccinations.

The service is free for general practices, community pharmacies, Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations and nurse practitioner owned or led primary care practices.

 You can also view the APNA webinar on infection control.

Below is also a useful video for pharmacies:

Infection control training

COVID-19 infection control online training is available for health care workers in all settings. It covers the fundamentals of infection prevention and control for COVID-19.

Modules available include:

  • infection prevention and control for COVID-19
  • training for aged care workers
  • training focused on rural and remote communities and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health

Read more. Register here

Has 'COVID fatigue' set in with your infection control practices?

SEMPHN collaborated with Marg Jennings, Infection Prevention and Control Educator and Consultant, to look at some common issues related to COVID-19 transmission in your practice that can be simply avoided. Read more

Aged care sector and COVID-19

Visit the DH page on Coronavirus and Residential Aged Care Facilities Plan for Victoria to read the latest guidelines for this sector.

The page includes: 

  • Guidelines
  • Training on PPE and infection control for aged care workers
  • Resources

Resources for health professionals

Businesses must have a COVID Safe Plan in place

Medication-assisted treatment of opioid dependence during the pandemic:

Children (2-12 years)

Resources for community


Young people (12-24 years)

Other resources

Plain English

Other languages 

We're still here to help

At SEMPHN, we are committed to keeping our people healthy so that they can continue to support the health workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

As such, our employees are now taking the responsible step of working remotely to limit the spread of the virus.  We are limiting contact, looking at alternative ways of working with stakeholders, reducing or cancelling face to face meetings and protecting our people, families and service providers to continue to conduct our business.  

Thank you for your understanding as we change our business model in the short term, in an effort to better contain the virus.

For more information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Health professionals can also sign-up to receive our COVID-19 email here

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