My Health Record Expansion

All Australians will have a My Health Record in early 2019, unless they choose not to have one created. 

How is the My Health Record system changing?

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The My Health Record is an online medical summary that can be securely shared between the patient and their healthcare providers.

The system is expanding, which means that every Australian will have a My Health Record automatically created for them early in 2019, unless they opt-out by the end of January 2019.

The My Health Record system will give you timely information about your patients. Including:

  • Shared health summaries / event summaries
  • Discharge summaries
  • Prescription and dispense records
  • Pathology reports and diagnostic imaging reports

Watch the 2 minute video below for an overview of the benefits and changes.


When and how can you opt-out?


The opt out period is between 16 July and 31 January 2019


To opt out, go to or phone 1800 723 471


What support will you get for informing patients about My Health Record?

Expansion resources

Your practice/pharmacy will have received patient resources (posters, brochures, and leaflets) that explain the benefits of My Health Record and how to opt out.

If you need more resources contact our My Health Record Team to organise delivery on 03 8514 4460 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



How might this affect your practice or pharmacy?

Increased Consumer Awareness

  • Patients more likely to ask you and your staff questions
  • You don't opt out patients. They do so themselves via the phone number or website (see above).
  • Patient may request that you upload a Shared Health Summary

No more registration

By the end of 2018, all Australian’s (except those who have opted-out) will have a My Health Record created for them.

General practices will longer be required to register patients into the system.

Improved availability of Information

  • Discharge Summaries
    • All public hospitals and most private hospitals will upload discharge summaries 
  • Pathology/Radiology
    • Access pathology and diagnostic reports
    • Patients can view their own reports (7 days after upload)
    • Doctor can choose - “Do not send reports to My Health Record” when ordering test
  • Medication Information
    • Pharmacy dispensing records
    • Prescription records
    • Allergy and adverse reaction information
    • PBS and MBS data 
  • Patient added information
    • Advanced Care Plans
    • Emergency contact details


What are the benefits to your practice or pharmacy?

  • My Health Record 'travels' with the patient, making it accessible at the point of care.
    • New patients: save time by viewing information not yet in your system. 
    • Travelling patients: medication information no matter where they are.
    • Your patient: view information uploaded by other clinicians.
  • Emergencies
    • In a medical emergency patient may not be able to communicate their past history. The My Health Record will help the treating team.

The My Health Record is available 24/7, and can give you peace of mind, that when you’re not there, the My Health Record is.


Where can you find out more about My Health Record?

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