Cancer Screening

SEMPHN is working to increase cancer screening participation rates for the three national cancer screening programs: bowel, breast and cervical cancer. The focus is on population groups in local government areas who have never been screened or are overdue for a cancer screen.

Key commissioning activities:

Since 2016, SEMPHN has commissioned two organisations to increase participation rates in the three National Cancer Screening Programs; bowel, breast and cervical cancer. They are:

Cancer Council Victoria  

From 2016 to 2018, Cancer Council Victoria (CCV) was commissioned to educate and upskill health professionals about policy changes in the National Cervical Cancer Screening Program, and improve cancer screening (bowel, breast and cervical) rates in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

In 2019, CCV was commissioned to deliver the following strategies to increase bowel screening participation rates in the SEMPHN catchment:

  • Mobilise the community to screen through media and communications activities
  • Educate general practices to increase their knowledge, confidence and intention to promote the National Bowel Screening Program

BreastScreen Victoria

In 2018, Breast Screen Victoria was commissioned to deliver the following strategies to increase breast cancer screening rates:

  • Improve access to Mobile Screening Services by engaging with communities and workforces
  • Re-engage women that have lapsed in their screening and increase breast cancer screenings rates in cultural and linguistically diverse communities. 

This work will continue until 2020 and will increase access to Mobile Screening Services for women in three additional local government areas.  

See more information about cancer screening for General Practice and Health Professionals.

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